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Custom Candle Packaging

Product Overview

Candles are the wax models used to provide light, therefore, they should be placed gently and carefully. Get your candle boxes designed by us at very affordable rates.

We also offer luxury candle packaging to gift your friends and family. If you want to showcase case your candles, then opt our window options with PVC sheet material. Avail printed custom candle boxes with silver or gold foiling, and a UV coating, which will enhance the exterior of the product. We at ThePremierPackaging offer biodegradable and environment-friendly material candle packaging ideas to keep your candles safe yet elegant.

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Custom Candle Boxes to Market and Preserve Your Candles

Candles are extremely delicate and get easily shattered. As a result, adequate candle boxes that protect from harm are required for candles. These boxes are carefully intended to protect the candles from breakage. The candle boxes are strong and long-lasting, protecting your candles.

Candle Boxes with a Wide Range of Incredible Customizations

You can have candle boxes with all of the add-ons you desire in your packaging boxes. The best part is that you do not have to sacrifice any aspect of your packaging. Furthermore, you have various customization choices to make your packing a visual feast.

Kraft Candle Boxes

With flair and security, the Kraft Candle Boxes are restoring your attitude. You may make these bespoke boxes out of Kraft material to keep them biodegradable. These custom printed boxes provide the same effects.

Custom Candle Packaging Of Excellent Material

The Premier Packaging is the name of quality and worth, and we make sure to deliver the best to our customers. Best quality of cardboard is employed in the manufacturing of custom Candle Packaging. The durability and strength of each box is tested individually to avoid any sort of confusion. We use good sustainable materials for creating all the boxes in our company. You can select a specific material for your custom candle boxes according to your choice. If you don?t have the idea about the box selection? So, don?t worry, we are here to guide you. We use good and refine quality materials to create custom candle packaging in our company. We offer following materials from which you can choose:

Eco-Friendly Kraft Box

Our Kraft boxes are recyclable and biodegradable. Additionally, Kraft custom candle boxes are sturdy enough to save the candles. Furthermore, Kraft materials are environment-friendly and cause no environmental degradation issues.

Card Stock Box

We offer card stock material for custom candle packagingbecause it is lightweight and transported easily. Our company can alter the card stock candle packaging according to your requirements. The card stock box complements the candle packaging printing processes as compared to traditional boxes. Custom candle packaging looks elegant in this type of box. This box complements the luxury candle packaging. These boxes are not favorable for the international shipment but are easily used for all the local shipment.

Corrugated Box

If you are looking for a candle packaging boxes that can ensure the maximum safety for delivering your bulk candles Internationally, then this type of material is a great choice. It is suitable for international shipment as it is made up of flutes and two flat linerboards. There are many types of flutes, namely, A Flute (5mm), B Flute (3mm), C Flute (4mm), E Flute (1.5mm), and F Flute (0.6mm). You can also avail of candle boxes wholesale quantity.

Rigid Box

Rigid boxes constitute high quality. As candles are sensitive for international shipping, so avail this box type to keep candles safe. These boxes are much more visually attractive. Avail this box for luxury candle packaging and gifting purposes also. Tell us your choice so we can customize the box according to your choice.

Design Your Custom Candle Packaging Beautifully

The design plays a great role in the customization of candle packaging. We at ThePremierPackaging are providing the best creative designs for making your candle packaging boxes look attractive to the consumers. Hence, you can spot anything on the box; for instance, you can simply put your logo marketing message, specification of the product, etc. You can also take some steps further and can add attractive theme colors to your whole box, for which our company can assist you. We offer the following designs for custom candle packaging:

Seal Ended Boxes

We offer seal ended boxes for keeping your delicate candles safe. Our experts create these boxes on good parameters to add more value to candle packaging. This box is conceded for its sturdiness due to the presence of a sticky flap on one side and opening on the other side. This box also keeps the weight intact of candle boxes. We offer various colors, style, and sizes in this box.

Book-end Box

If you are searching for a strong yet eye-catching box as a luxury candle packaging, then the custom book-end box is a great option. This box comprises a double-thick front cover and has a good space for printing desired candles specifications; for instance, you can add graphics, detail about the product or logo, brand?s message, etc.

Tuck-end box

Tuck-end box is the most functional and simple box that we manufacture. It will keep candles safe and easy to use. We manufacture this box in a rectangular shape, and you can easily use them due to their great put-in-position techniques for candles. Tuck flaps use a friction lock system to keep the candles safe. We offer three types, namely, straight-end, reverse-end, and 1 2 3 bottom end boxes. Select the type you want for candle packaging

Decorate Candle Packaging Boxes with Add on

We at The Premier Packaging offers various kinds of finishes to make candle packaging look attractive. And we know it will be difficult for the new entrepreneurs and startups to select the proper finishing for their candle packaging boxes. You can avail Uv spot, foiling, and stickers techniques according to your desired graphics to make custom candle packaging look awesome and eye-catching. We also use gloss coating and matte coating finishes to make your candle packaging look lavish. You can select according to your desired requirements.

Avail Wholesale Candles Packaging

We provide Candle packaging wholesale options ata great discount to our customers. We at ThePremierPackaging company use cost-effective wholesale candle packaging. Efficient material is used for candle boxes wholesale to make shipping easier and safe. We have various packaging options and designs from which you can choose to make your custom candle packaging exquisite from other brands. You can also avail various kind of graphical themes and colors to make your candles look elegant and beautiful.

Attractive Colors

Color combination matters a lot. If you have the right choice of the color combination on your box then there is no chance that a customer will divert its attention from your product. We make sure to use decent and elegant colors which can have the attention of customers. Another thing is your product can easily stand out among others in the market. You can make your product and your business both successful in no time.

Wrap your candles in perfect custom candle packaging now

Place your order at The Premier Packaging and get a display of success yourself. We are just one click away to answer all your queries. We deal at very proficient rates and deliver your customized candle boxes at your doorsteps.
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Alex was so helpful and answered all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. He made the experience a reassuring one for someone who was quite fearful of the unknown as a first time customer. Will definitely recommend.
 Sony Forgie
Sony Forgie5 out of 5 stars
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I have my own company for cosmetic products for more than 10 years and have been in collaboration with different packaging companies for the packaging services but "The Premier Packaging" is the one company that has covered my all in-need requirements and has proven itself to be one of the best companies I have been with work ever.
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The order was done on time and turned out perfect. I will be using them again


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