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Custom Sleeve Boxes

Product Overview

To glamorize the packaging of numerous things, sleeve boxes are used. In order to boost sales, they adorn the goods inside and make them more appealing to consumers. They are employed as a quick and effective way to enhance the look of a boxed good. We offer you all varieties of beautiful sleeve packaging boxes at The Premier Packaging

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Custom Tray And Sleeve Boxes

Slide-to-reveal unboxing is made easy with custom tray and sleeve boxes, also known as drawer packaging. The tray in this collapsible, two-piece box effortlessly slides out from the sleeve to reveal the products inside. Suitable for luxury or breathable products, and highly customizable so you can adequately reflect your brand. Add a distinctive touch with a custom artwork design.

Sliding Sleeve Boxes

Your custom boxes are given a touch of elegance by tray and sleeve boxes. They are both beautiful and useful. This sleeve functions admirably as a base tray's lid. For storing sweets, confections, Cannabis products, and other retail goods, use this one-of-a-kind box.

Custom Die Cut Sleeve Boxes

Searching for the ideal means of protecting your goods? The best products to use these expertly made Custom Die Cut Sleeve Boxes from The Premier Packaging for are the typical products that require extra protection.

Sleeve Boxes Wholesale Incredible For Business Defense

The boxes will serve as the best brand ambassador you've ever had thanks to a wonderful marriage of elegant look and the highest caliber materials used. These kraft sleeve boxes will attract those customers to learn more about your products. You need to equip your company with the best tools to compete successfully in the market, and these amazing boxes are perfect for the job.

Give Your Good a Special Charm

Custom sleeve boxes come in a wide variety and can be altered to fit the packaging requirements in any style or design. The sleeve box’s outer lid is a blank canvas on which you can paint your ideas to give the box a special appearance. Industry competition is increasing, as we all know, and brands that struggle to distinguish themselves in the marketplace suffer greatly. No matter how high-quality your goods are, nobody will buy them if you don’t concentrate on creating appealing custom packaging sleeves. A marvel of advanced technologies and a gift for producers who wish to use as their brand ambassadors are wholesale sleeve boxes. Customers are persuaded to buy and buy back your goods thanks to the persuasive power of custom sleeve boxes.

Makes Your Brand Appear Unique

Every company’s ultimate goal is to produce healthy revenues. To secure a specific spot in the market, industrialists put in a lot of effort and devote their hard-earned money. They are constantly on the lookout for enticing packaging options to tempt their customers. They frequently end up purchasing expensive boxes, raising the cost of the custom box sleeve packaging and ultimately driving up the cost of the goods. Custom retail boxes frustrate clients with their high prices in addition to stressing out producers. Wholesale custom sleeve boxes offer excellent value. These custom box sleeve packaging options can raise the value of your brand without straining your financial resources. Sleeve boxes are used to embellish the packing of various items such as CD cases, toys, candies, etc., and make it to be in the interest of the buyers. Custom packaging Sleeves are the perfect packaging solution that not only beautifies the boxed product but also protect it from atmospheric conditions and retain their brand-new look for a longer period. Whether you want to store some kitchen appliances or just want to sell bakery items, you can solely depend on these boxes.
  • CMYK
  • PMS
The best and the most interesting thing about these well-crafted boxes is that people can use these sleeve boxes in the packaging of gifts and other delicate items that need extra attention, such as wine bottles, food containers, candles and candle stands, etc., which need to be transported through courier or cargo service. You can very easily customize these boxes according to your product, occasion, or event.  

Sleeve Boxes in Custom Design and Style:

Custom printed sleeve boxes can be a good solution if you are intended to make these packaging boxes more heart captivating. There are numerous options available in our complete range of sleeve box printing, with the help of which you can select the best printing style for your packaging boxes. These options include embossing, debossing, soft-touch, matte, spot UV, aqueous coating, and raised ink, etc. You can select any of them based on your requirements for the packaging. Our high-quality and durable boxes can easily be molded into two or more sleeves.
  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Soft Touch
  • Varnish
For manufacturing custom sleeve boxes, we offer you a wide range of styles. From gable to tuck-end to Chinese food boxes, you can choose the best as per your product needs. But be mindful of choosing the suitable size of boxes that fit your product. Our different kinds of striking sleeve packaging boxes provide an ideal final touch, making your product prominent and perfect for displaying.

Customization as Per Customer’s Demand:

Our Sleeves packaging boxes are entirely customizable. You can get your favorite design printed on the box through our custom sleeve packaging options. You can also get a die-cut window at the sleeves to make your packed product appealing and noticeable to the customers.
  • Card stock
  • Corrugated
  • Kraft
  • Chipboard Stock
  • Textured Material
  • Rigid
This will surely increase the sales of the product because the customers pick those products which they can see at their first glance. It will also make your products more delightful.

Our custom sleeve boxes are in several shapes and sizes:

The custom packaging sleeves are available in different sizes and shapes.  You can put anything inside these boxes. We let our customers pick the dimensions, style, and other customizations they need in their custom sleeves packaging. Depending on the size and type of the product, you can have multiple numbers of partitions in the base panel. If you want your product tightly held, then you can add holders in the base panel.

Importance of custom sleeves packaging:

The importance of sleeve boxes cannot be denied.  No matter what you pack inside of these boxes, it will only enhance its beauty, charm, and visual appeal and will earn you a good brand name. If you think that custom sleeve boxes are of limited importance, then let discuss their importance in detail.

A profitable solution:

You might think of cost-effective custom packaging sleeves, but our company will offer you affordable rates in reality. It will reduce your costs to the lowest and your profit to the highest if you buy these boxes in bulk.

Perfect and durable:

When it comes to the product packaging, no one compromise on quality, neither retailers nor brands feel satisfied with elementary packaging boxes. Our custom packaging sleeves are going to be their No1 choice because of their high and durable quality.

An eco-friendly option:

In this modern age of competition and knowledge, no brand will take the risk of using toxic and non-biodegradable material. People are well-aware of the negative impacts of harmful packaging. On the one hand, it can cause severe pollution and diseases, and on the other hand, it can cause the failure of your business.  We manufacture custom sleeve boxes by utilizing cardboard paper and kraft material. These are cost-effective and recyclable materials.

Place you in a higher position:

Every brand wants popularity in the market, that’s why they invest much amount in packaging, to win customers’ attention. Our sleeve packaging boxes with die-cut windows are widely known for their attractive style and visual aesthetic

Professional display and wonderful outlook:

In big shopping malls and product markets, we see that business owners display their products on shelves to capture customers’ hearts. Our custom sleeves packaging with unique design options and high-quality material provide a professional display and wonderful outlook to your items that customers will not be able to ignore the product.

As a great marketing tool:

Every brand searches for cheap and unique opportunities for marketing and product promotion. But using paid advertisements can be very costly. Also, there is no certainty that your brand will get maximum acquaintance. Custom sleeve boxes offer you a free advertising service and can be your brand representative. Furthermore, it will have more chances to reach your targeted customers.

Order placement:

The Premier Packaging don’t want to put too much burden on our highly esteemed clients, that’s why we keep our prices very low as compared to other packaging companies.
  • Flat View (2D – die card)
  • 3D inspection – (Mock-up video)
  • Physical sampling – (Complete box)
You should place your order of custom packaging sleeves and avail of our matchless services. Hurry up!  Don’t waste time. Place your order of custom sleeve boxes and customize as much as you want.


How do sleeve boxes work?

Sleeve boxes are a type of packaging that are made up of an inner tray and an outer sleeve. A cover for the goods or service inside the tray is created when the outer sleeve slides over it.

What are the purposes of sleeve boxes?

A wide range of uses exist for sleeve boxes, such as retail packaging for goods like electronics, food, and cosmetics. They can be personalized with various designs and brand recognition, so they are also used for gift packaging.

What materials are used to create sleeve boxes?

A number of materials, including cardstock, cardboards, corrugated board, and plastic, can be used to create sleeve boxes. The commodity being packaged, along with the right levels of sturdiness and safety, influence the material selection.

How are sleeve boxes individualized?

There are many ways to customize sleeve boxes, including printing them with unique colors and patterns, adding logos and branding, and selecting various materials and finishes. To improve the product display, some sleeve boxes also have additional components like windows or inserts.

Are sleeve boxes safe for the environment?

The materials used in sleeve boxes and the manner in which they are disposed of determine how environmentally friendly they are. Paperboard and cardboard sleeve boxes can frequently be recycled, making them generally more environmentally friendly than plastic ones. 
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