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The Benefits and Drawbacks of White Corrugated Boxes

Kevin Parker

Custom White Corrugated Boxes

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The liner board is smooth, flat, thick paper. It forms the box’s two exterior surfaces. The medium is the section of those layers with the air grooves. This is the box’s “corrugated” side. This grooved material, often known as the flute, is available in a variety of sizes. Larger grooves give more cushioning and strength, whereas narrower grooves provide structural integrity and reduce overall thickness. In this blog of the premier packaging company, we will discuss the following content in the short description

· Why should you use white corrugated boxes

· Types of corrugated boxes

· What are kraft corrugated boxes

· Sales of the corrugated boxes

Should you choose a White Corrugated Boxes Shipping?

Any company that distributes items to clients understands the significance of the box. The basic corrugated cardboard box is a product’s first line of defense while in transportation. A sturdy corrugated wall cushions and protects what’s within, ensuring that it reaches on time. There’s a reason why corrugated cardboard packing is used for the vast majority of shipments. When almost all of your rivals utilize kraft corrugated boxes, you may want to consider using white shipping boxes to make your packages stand out. A well-designed, custom-printed kraft corrugate boxes, on the other hand, may make your shipments appear their finest.

It is difficult to choose between kraft or color boxes and white packing since each has specific advantages. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of white shipping boxes to help you decide.

Benefits of White Shipping Boxes

If you’re considering white mailing boxes, you’re undoubtedly aware of some of their benefits. For many brands, the color white is an advantage in and of itself. It looks nice and is frequently more refined. Furthermore, white provides the ideal printing canvas, showing brilliant colors. Here are some of the advantages of using white shipping boxes:

1. They look fantastic.

Plain, unprinted white cardboard boxes are more visually appealing than plain, unprinted brown boxes. If you’re not employing custom printing, white is a simple and inexpensive approach to make your brand stand out. When the majority of your clients’ deliveries are basic kraft cardboard, a clean white package will stand out.

White also has a more sterile, fresh appearance. White boxes are frequently used by health, medical, cosmetics, and food product firms for this reason. People equate these items with cleanliness, and plain kraft corrugated boxes may not always feel appropriate. White cardboard seems more sanitary, which helps to a favorable client opinion.

They have a high-end appearance

Darker hues and the clean appearance of white cardboard lend a more premium impression to these boxes. Because white cardboard allows for full-color images, you may brand the whole package. Printing on both the interior and exterior of the box produces a pleasurable unwrapping experience. Customers immediately feel as though they are receiving greater value and elegance from their purchases as a result of the box’s designs.

Brands have flood-printed white boxes in black for a bolder, more expensive effect. Reverse-out printing in a single color on a white box creates an exquisite, stunning design that makes a white brand stand out against a colorful background. Flood-printing in the Pantone color of your choice necessitates a white cardboard substrate. 

Cons of White Corrugated Boxes

While white corrugated boxes provide numerous customizable choices and benefits, they also have a few disadvantages. Fortunately, many of these drawbacks have solutions and do not necessarily exceed the benefits. Here are some of the drawbacks of using white shipping boxes, as well as some potential remedies.

They easily get dirty

When it comes to shipping boxes, it’s crucial to keep in mind the route they must undergo. They go about on trucks, aircraft, trains, and ships when they leave your warehouse, depending on their destination. They’ll go through a lot of hands along the route. They may even sit on the ground outside until someone carries them inside when they are delivered to your end customer

Corrugated cardboard is an ideal shipping choice due to its thickness and ability to resist the voyage through the supply chain. White boxes, on the other hand, may expose every scuff and bit of dirt they collect along the road.

They Don’t Look as Eco-Friendly as Natural Kraft

White corrugated material is made entirely of renewable wood and paper pulp and is completely recyclable. However, many clients have a different perspective. Natural kraft corrugated merely appears to be greener. When consumers look at it, they immediately recognize that it has not been treated with bleach or other harsh chemicals. Contrary to common perception, white cardboard is not always bleached. Some white cardboard is produced using a technique known as mottling, in which kraft cardboard is treated with white ink. Even so, you won’t be able to explain it to your consumers.

Corrugated boxes wholesale

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Is there a minimum number of boxes that I must order?

We do not have a minimum order quantity (e.g. you can buy 300-1000 white corrugated boxes). However, the more boxes you order, the more money you save each box.

Will any other organizations have access to my personal information?

No. We never sell or disclose any of our customer information. We only use your information to contact you about essential updates.

Are my credit card and other sensitive information safe on your website?

Yes. We place a high value on security. During data transmission, all financial information is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). During SSL transactions, a padlock-like symbol appears at the bottom of most browser windows.

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